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本文摘要:A patent dispute has dealt a blow to Xiaomi’s international expansion, leaving the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker facing a temporary ban on sales in India and further pressure on margins.一场专利纠纷给小米(Xiaomi)的国际扩展导致压制,这家发展很快的中国智能手机制造商在印度遭遇继续停售,利润率面对更大压力。


A patent dispute has dealt a blow to Xiaomi’s international expansion, leaving the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker facing a temporary ban on sales in India and further pressure on margins.一场专利纠纷给小米(Xiaomi)的国际扩展导致压制,这家发展很快的中国智能手机制造商在印度遭遇继续停售,利润率面对更大压力。Xiaomi, anointed a valuation in excess of $40bn at its latest fundraising in November, is keen to replicate its popularity in China into other major emerging markets. In April it unveiled plans to expand into as many as 10 foreign markets.小米期望将其在中国的热门程度读取其他主要新兴市场。

在11月的近期一轮融资中,小米估值多达400亿美元。今年4月,该公司宣告了进占10个国外市场的计划。However, a Delhi High Court case suggests that this march abroad may also open it to more patent disputes, with companies demanding it pay royalties — something that rivals are less keen to pursue in China where claims are harder to press. Such payments would, in turn, eat into margins or drive up handset prices. In a ruling on a patent dispute with technology group Ericsson, the court ordered Xiaomi to suspend sales until February, pending a further hearing relating to its dispute with the Swedish company.然而,印度案件伴随着小米在进占海外路上有可能还不会遭遇更加多专利纠纷,享有专利的企业将拒绝其缴纳许可费——竞争对手不过于不愿在中国控告,因为在中国赔偿不会较为艰难。


Wednesday’s ruling stated that Xiaomi was “restrained from manufacturing, assembling, importing, selling or advertising” its products in India pending a further hearing, while India’s customs authorities were “directed not to allow the import” of mobiles and other products that may infringe Ericsson’s patents.周三的判决称之为,小米被“禁令”在印度“生产、装配、进口、销售或宣传”其产品,须要等候更进一步审理结果,同时印度海关被“命令不要盘查”有可能侵害爱立信专利的手机和其他产品的“进口”。Without a trove of its own patents, manufacturers such as Xiaomi could ultimately see their costs inflated by 5-20 per cent due to licensing fees, according to some experts. Xiaomi says it acquired 1,141 patents last year, a number considered unimpressive in the tech industry.一些专家回应,在缺乏自律专利的情况下,小米等制造商的成本最后可能会因为许可费而下降5%至20%。小米回应,去年该公司取得1141项专利,在科技行业,这一数字并不起眼。

Experts said this appeared to be the first patent litigation targeting Xiaomi since it outlined plans to launch into up to 10 foreign markets.专家们回应,这或许是小米宣告计划进占10个国外市场以来,首例针对该公司的专利诉讼。“It looks like Xiaomi is experiencing a bit of culture shock in India,” said Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of the Mobile Phone China Alliance, an industry lobbying group. He said Xiaomi was not the first Chinese smartphone maker to be sued in India, however, it was the first time imports had been halted.行业游说的组织——手机中国联盟(Mobile Phone China Alliance)秘书长王艳辉回应:“显然小米正在印度遭遇文化冲击。”他回应,小米并非唯一一家在印度被控告的中国智能手机制造商,但它是首个被停止进口的中国企业。The Delhi court ruling is likely to raise new concerns about possible intellectual property challenges affecting other Chinese smartphone and device makers — a group that includes Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo, analysts said.分析人士称之为,德里高等法院的这项判决,可能会新的引发外界对其他中国智能手机和设备制造商面对潜在知识产权挑战的忧虑,其中还包括华为(Huawei)、中兴(ZTE)和误解(Lenovo)。


Manu Jain, head of Xiaomi in India, said the group had not received official notification of the ruling from the court, but that its legal team was “evaluating the situation”.小米印度分公司负责人马努贾因(Manu Jain)回应,小米仍未收到法院方面关于判决的月通报,但公司法律团队于是以“对目前的形势展开评估”。